Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Battle of the Damned

Saturday night I went to the 'Day of the Undead' Zombie film festival in my hometown of Leicester UK. I do love a good zombie flick, but this year it had an added bonus, Battle of the Damned which is, basically, Dolph Lundgren vs Zombies.
The organiser, Zombie Ed, told us that the film company behind the movie said, “if you don’t like the sight of Dolph running around killing zombies, you’re dead inside”. Well was he right?

The basic premise is simple, Dolph plays Max Gatling, a private soldier hired to go into a cordoned off city to find the daughter of a multi millionaire. When most of his crew are killed off by the zombies, who are marauding through the city, Dolph sets off on his own to find the girl, not getting on the chopper sent in to take his group to safety. Dolph now must find the girl before the city is destroyed by the missiles attempting to wipe out the zombie infection.
Will he find the girl, get her to safety and any other survivors??

Lundgren still has it, his running shows his age, but it doesn’t stop him high kicking zombies in the face. His acting has gotten so much better over the past few years, he really is excellent, as are all the cast, everyone is pretty good, better than some acting you usually see in some lower budget movies.
Oh and Dolph teams up with robots, yep ROBOTS. The mood in the cinema watching this was fantastic, nobody was dead inside, seeing Dolph kick, stab and shoot zombies was an awesome sight, very fun and well made.
The only problem really was the old problem with action movies, in that the director really needs to hold the camera still! it goes all over the place! But overall its still a GREAT fun action horror. With zombies AND ROBOTS!!!!!
'Day of the Undead' has been running for a few years now and is always a great day for zombie fans, for more information go to, its creator can be found on twitter @zombieeduk.
- Dr.Action

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