Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fast & Furious 6

Fast and Furious 6 has just been released in the UK and, quite truthfully, I didn’t know just how popular these movies were. As I entered the cinema, I was greeted with a line spanning two floors! Good job, then, my tickets were booked earlier.
Since Tokyo Drift, the third in the series, director Justin Lin has developed a series with an arc running through. Vin Diesel has also been working hard behind the scenes to make sure, as well as great entertainment and action, there is heart and a strong storyline.
The regulars are back from Fast 5 including Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez returns and new cast members include Luke Evans, Joe Taslim (The Raid) and MMA star Gina Carano.

Vin Disel and his team of petrol heads are tracked to the Canary islands by Agent Hobbs where the gang are living the good life after their multi million dollar heist from the previous movie. Hobbs needs a special team to take down a new breed of criminal, former special ops soldier, Owen Shaw, who’s planning a huge job in London. Hobbs convinces the gang to help by showing a picture of Letty, taken a week earlier, who is now part of Shaw’s team.
Diesel, believing her dead, takes his team to London to help Hobbs stop Shaw and uncover the truth about Letty. Its a pretty straightforward plot but as with the previous movies there’s twists and turns of course and car chase’s... lot’s and lot’s of car chase’s.
Carano and Taslim also get to show off their fighting as well in an action packed scene in the London underground. There still seems to be the old problem of hap hazard editing at work though, but nonetheless the fight scenes are great.

It really is a great summer blockbuster movie, Johnson wisecracks and beats up felons like a trooper, Diesel intimidates just by his voice, women kick ass, the lead villain is not to be crossed and there is even mention of his brother, who seems like someone I wouldn’t want to crank with.

Myself and the Kick Ass Kid are planning a special After Movie Diner where we will discuss this seemingly juggernaught action series, so listen, when it’s up, to hear us chat some more Fast Furious goodness but go and see this, put your money into an action series that is trying to build up a great running narrative throughout the series. An action series that is taking chances and building up tension.

Stick around at the end as well, its AWESOME. Forget Abrams Star Trek, this is a franchise that is getting better and better. We can't wait for Fast 7!

- Dr.Action 

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