Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bullet To The Head

So after Rocky Balboa, Rambo and the Expendables movies, Sly takes on a new movie, based on a graphic novel, Bullet to the Head. So is this the first comic book movie of the year? If so, its a pretty great start, after all Stalone is a real life hero.
Plot wise, Stallone plays a hitman named Jimmy Bonomo, whose partner is killed by a rival hitman Keegan played by Jason Momoa.
I will have that dare they keep it from me
Also on the scene is Police detective Talor Kwon played by Sung Kang. He's hunting for the people who had his partner killed and this leads to the hitman and detective teaming up to find out who is behind all the mayhem.
With both people coming from different sides, their ethics start to clash.

So of course as an action fan, the main question, is the action good?
You better believe it is! There's gunfights, fistfights and as the trailer shows, something new, an Axe fight! Stallone can still hold his own and is still in great shape, not what you'd expect of a 66 year old!
It’s a great performance, in my opinion one of his best. Anyone who knocks Stallone take a good look at him in this, especially one of his last fights, a genuine look of fear, just great acting. He still goes for it though, he is Stallone after all!

The support is also great, especially Momoa, he has a great presence about him and plays his part well. After this, I hope he’s given a lead performance in a new action franchise of his own to develop, not Conan though, the Doc ain’t going there.

Of course I haven’t mentioned another reason I was so excited for this movie, Walter Hill.
Imagine the breast to be just here... she was a very tall woman
Welcome back sir! Just a great, great action director. He’s made another great buddy type action movie like 48 Hrs, with a real gritty style and the violence pulls no punches.
hubba hubba phhhwoooaarrrr!
So I loved it, will you? Go see it folks!
yeah go see it... or else
On a side note, I took my brother in law, I’ve known him since he was 2 years old and it was his first Sly flick. So, did he like it? Yes! he’s now a Sly fan! Just wait till he see’s RAMBO!!

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  1. Great review Dr. I already wanted to see this movie later this weekend, but now I must go. The axe fight scene is enough to get my attention, but I must say I'm now intrigued to hear you say Jason Mamoa does a good job after the movie you allude to of which we will not speak. Thanks for posting this...looking forward to this actioner.

    Mark, the Movie Buff