Thursday, February 28, 2013

Extreme Prejudice

The films that usually come to mind when you think of Walter Hill are The Warriors, 48 Hrs and Red Heat. Extreme Prejudice, amongst action fans, is an underrated gem of a movie. A modern day western with plenty of gunfights and men being men, YEAH!

Nick Nolte plays Jack Benton, a hard as nails Texas Ranger, who doesn’t smile throughout the whole of the movie it seems. Powers Booth is his childhood friend who is now on the opposite side of the law as a drugs kingpin. Bentons girlfriend, is the ex to Booth's ruthless villain and is the link keeping these pair at loggerheads.

Into town comes Michael Ironside, an ex army soldier, along with his band of men including Clancy Brown and William Forsythe. On paper these soldiers are deceased and it appears they are in town to rob a bank, but everything has a link and its best to watch rather than me spoil it for you.

Is the action good?? Absolutely fantastic!!
There are a lot of guns fired in this movie, with bloody results. Walter Hill stages each set-piece perfectly, the climax of the movie especially. The story is great and moves along at a great pace, the script is also very well written with some great lines. Acting is also at avery high level, especially Powers Booth who is probably one of the most forgotten great actors in Hollywood.

Nolte and Booth collide on screen and the tension is fantastic between the pair. This movie is definitely one that myself and the Kick Ass Kid are looking forward to doing a commentary for. This movie is fun, action packed and well written and directed.
If you’ve not seen it yet, rectify it immediately.

This is a man movie, action, tough talkers and faster shooters.
- Dr.Action
After seeing this picture how can you not watch it?

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