Saturday, February 2, 2013

Universal Soldier 4 - Day of Reckoning

I’ve been wanting to see this for a while now and finally viewed it today. It re-teams Jean Claude-Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren, plus, the main reason for watching, Scott Adkins. 
The British martial arts star is a big favorite for the Doc and the Kid, well, for us Brits, he is flying our flag in the action genre! 

Plot wise it’s a pretty simple premise. Adkins' wife and daughter are killed by Luc Deveraux (JCVD) and his group of UniSols leaving Adkins for dead and in a coma. After coming round months later, Adkins character John sets about uncovering the truth about the UniSols, finding them and avenging his loved ones murder. 
Both JCVD and Lundgren reprise their roles from previous Universal Soldier movies, but don’t be mislead they do not feature heavily, both take on Adkins in fights in the movie though. 

Andrei Arlovski also returns after his role in Universal Soldier-Regeneration and the MMA fighter, again, has great fight scenes.

John Hyams again takes the directing reigns, he’s a great action director. 
The movie takes a while to get started and you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a horror movie for the first half hour or so, but once the action gets underway it doesn’t let up. The action and violence in this movie is pretty damn brutal and absolutely bone crunching. 

The star here is Scott Adkins though, what a martial artist, he is fantastic here, a very welcome addition to the series and not only that, a really fantastic actor in my opinion. He has a packed roster of action coming up, so lets all rejoice that a talented action man is getting his due! 
Van Damme was it your idea to open the ketchup bottle with a machete, jesus I can't take you anywhere!
Doc’s Prescription, don’t worry too much about the plot, get past the first half hour and relish the action.
Van Damme took all the ketchup!!
By Dr.Action

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